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nonblogsense sent: What is your favorite song off TRXYE? Mine is Gasoline :P

IDK!!!! its between gasoline and happy little pill!

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| you always make me smile

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Four walls are not enough, I’ll take a dip into the unknown, unknown.

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the best of MESSY BOYS TRY POT (ft. Troye Sivan) | Tyler Oakley

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nonblogsense sent: My definition of cute is Troye with that hat, an iPhone, a Koala Bear in his arms and a Kangaroo in the back ground :P

don’t even start…..

tooo late Im imagening!!!


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if you think this isn’t cute, idk what your definition of cute and perfection is

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hiya! i’m sorry if i’ve already linked you to this but i was wondering if you could reblog/take a look at my happy little pill cover? i’m trying to get troye to it! i’d really appreciate it if you helped me out! xxxxx

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